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Montessori Teacher's Training Programme

Udaan   The 7 Habits Foundaion School  

Let us give the child a place where he or she can learn thru the developmental stage based on responses which make their complete development possible. Maria Montessori.

Montessori is a highly effective child centered humanistic method of educating from infants to adults. It has been identified and observed that each child has a special talent but the thing that is required is proper guidance and direction at right time to the child.

Similarly in Montessori teacher training course the candidate is guided and taught child psychology and methods which are helpful in natural growth and development of a child.

In Montessori the teachers does not teach a child but nurture them with the help of different activities, apparatuses, payway methods, so that each child gets positive atmosphere while his up bringing and growth.

In this training the teacher is taught all the requisite methods and processes which are essential in overall development of a child such as emotional, social, cultural, physical, psychological etc.

 Our Objective is to create well qualified group of professionally trained human resource, those who can meet the growing demand of the early child care. 

We train our teachers to train our future generation in a warm, loving and affectionte envirironment. So that an upskilled NEXT GEN. can be developed for our country with high moral values and life skills.