Udaan The 7 Habit 7 Colors Approach

Life skills and value based teaching are immense part of curriculum. In Udaan various curricular and Co-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year to inculcate the unique 7 Habits among our students to make a strong foundation. These habits help them to be a good human being and build overall personality. Though n-activities contribute to develop these 7 Habits but some exemplary activities conducted month-wise are as follows :

HABIT:- Commitment

ACTIVITY:- Guidance and Counseling Session.

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HABIT:- Competence

ACTIVITY:- Role and Responsibility.

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HABIT:- Caring

ACTIVITY:- Community Lunch Joy of giving.

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HABIT:- Comprehension

ACTIVITY:- Life Skill based Role Play.

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HABIT:- Communication

ACTIVITY:- Interactive Sessions.

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HABIT:- Confidence

ACTIVITY:- Public Speaking.

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HABIT:- Co-ordination.

ACTIVITY:- Group Activities.

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