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About Us

UDAAN Foundation School is established with a Vision to provide strong foundation of inspiring next generation citizens of India. In the world of competition it is an urgent need to build strong foundation so that the student can crack the competition without pressure in any of the Professional domain they select. The philosophy of the school is to craft the child development, through schooling as strong as master craft's men and prepare them to take up the goal as confident, participant in challenging world. Established in 2008 as, Play school now rose to Class 3rd. We are proud to share that our students of Play Group and KG were admitted to leading CBSE brand Schools. Our teachers are been trained to be master craftsmen to mentor the child development through innovative 7 habits approach.

We strongly believe that if we inculcate few essential habits in early childhood development stage, we can make every child competent enough to meet the competitive challenges. The School provides enabling environment multidimensional development for overall growth of a child. The child transition from Play Group to KG, KG to Middle and from Middle to High School is based on more than 20 yrs of research experience. The vision is starting from Play Group, scale up for the period of 5 yrs from Primary to Middle and another 5 yrs from Middle to High School. We strongly believe that we shall not prepare the children only targeting stressful competitive exams but our endeavor is to make them emotionally, academically and morally strong so that they can take up their career challenges as and when they come without any stress.

Regular Teacher’s Training Program keeps our Teacher’s upto date with changing training trend of education which help them upgrade the teaching and learning in the Schools. The Teacher’s – student ratio is 1 : 20 and instead of book worming approach, we have “Do & Learning Approach”. The School – Parents communication is vital and parent’s meet and sessions are regular features of academic calendar. For overall development of students various sports, drawing, oratory skills, cultural activities, celebrating the festivals to introduce Indian Culture & Heritage are the regular features round the year.

Our Promoter (NICT)

NICT is an NGO established in the year of 1995. The organization was established for encouraging ICT for Development. It has done many ICT Projects where computer education is provided to the students of primary, secondary and higher secondary classes.